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Spare Parts Diagram - Thetford C200 Cassette Toilet - Holding Tank

Spare Parts Diagram - Thetford C200 Cassette Toilet - Holding Tank
Key Link Model/Name
View T23719-74
Waste-holding tank complete
1 Search Unavailable
Waste-holding tank lower
2 Search Unavailable
Weld waste-holding tank
3 Search Unavailable
Waste-holding tank upper
4 View T23847
5 Search Unavailable
Blade arm
6 View T23743-78
Blade opener
7 Search Unavailable
8 Search T21528
Seal automatic vent
9A View T23722-74
Upper automatic vent (7,8,9A)
9B Search T23788
Upper automatic vent outside vent (7,8,9B)
10 Search Unavailable
11 View T16195
Cap seal (10,11)
12 View T16384-78
Dump cap (11,12)
12A View T25810-78
Measuring cup
13 View T16196-74
Pour out spout (10,11,12,13)
14 View T21333-74
Sliding cover
15 Search Unavailable
Screw cover
16 Search Unavailable
17 Search Unavailable
Seal cover
18 View T23721
Lip seal
19 View T07524-62
Vent button (19,20,21)
20 Search Unavailable
21 Search Unavailable
Seal retainer
22 View T23726
23 View T23849
Tank lock clip

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