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CaravansPlus Accessories Shop

A family owned Australian business.

Caravans Plus truly is a family business, owned and run by 4 siblings. We are the 3rd generation in our family to run a business in the Caravan Industry, and have all benefited from the knowledge that has been passed down.

Rob and Laura run the daily warehouse operations, while Linda takes all of our product photos and Steve looks after the website. Now retired, our parents spend a lot of time travelling Australia in their home built caravan (Yes, they got a good price on the parts). We are very lucky to have a team of knowledgeable and loyal staff who have been with the business for many years.

In 2003 when Caravans Plus began, online shopping was very new and we were the first in the Australian Caravan Industry to give it a go. The first website was built by our father Peter – he was a jack of all trades and proved that this new kind of business could work. Since then we have improved and grown a lot, moving to a bigger warehouse (twice!) and carrying lots of stock so that we can dispatch orders as quickly as possible.

Our customers have been the reason for our success, caravaner’s are a community who talk to each other and share their experiences. We do not pay for any advertising but rely instead on word-of-mouth and our good reputation to continue to grow our business.

Rob, Linda, Steve, Laura Smith (2017)
Laura, Steve, Linda, Rob Smith with new warehouse (2018)

Our History

In 1958 our grandparents Ross & Ethel bought land in Queanbeyan NSW and built the town caravan park. They had 5 young kids, including our father Peter who grew up helping his parents with the caravans.

Smiths Hilltop Caravan Park in Queanbeyan NSW - 1959
Family at "Smiths" Caravan Park (1958). Peter 3 years old (left)

In 1984 Peter & Judy (our parents) started their own business renting out caravans. ACT Caravan Hire ran for the next 25 years and we were all involved from a young age. The caravan yard was our playground, filled with endless cubby houses! We all helped out, from washing and cleaning the vans, to repairs and towing.

A.C.T Caravan Hire in Queanbeyan NSW - 1980s
A.C.T Caravan Hire (1980's). Our playground.

In 2003 the online shop was created and ran as a side business to help people while they were traveling. In 2009 all of the hire vans were sold to concentrate on growing CaravansPlus.

Our long history and real world experience with caravans has given us a broad product knowledge that we love to share with our customers, and hope they can benefit from all we have learned.

Our Future

We were not sure if online shopping would ever catch on, but it definitely has! So many people find it a convenient way to access thousands of caravan spare parts and accessories, no matter where in Australia they are.

We will continue to focus on providing the fastest service and best advice possible to keep our customers coming back. We are counting on our customers to share their experiences as they explore Australia.

Happy Travels.