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Autoterm Planar 2D - Diesel Air Heater - 12V / 2kW - Single Outlet

Autoterm Planar 2D - Diesel Air Heater - 12V / 2kW - Single Outlet
Autoterm Planar 2D - Diesel Air Heater - 12V / 2kW - Single Outlet
Autoterm Planar 2D - Diesel Air Heater - 12V / 2kW - Single Outlet
Full Installation Kit Included
Digital LED Control Panel
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Repair Manual (2.5MB)
Installation Manual (3.5MB)
Operation Manual (1.5MB)
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Diesel air heaters have always been the preferred choice due to their reliability, compact size, heating capacity and fuel economy. The real issue has been a gap in the Australia market between the cheap Chinese units and the high end European models like Eberspacher - until now. Introducing the Autoterm Planar 2D a high quality, affordable alternative with a proven history throughout Europe and America.

The Russian designed Autoterm diesel heaters have been built for survival in the harshest conditions of a Siberia winter. Equipped with a brushless induction motor to ensure longevity, it achieves reliable operation in extreme temperature conditions as low as -45 degrees. In addition to durability, the stepless motor provides the lowest noise level possible, and superior fuel consumption at a tiny 0.24 litres per hour on the maximum power setting.

The Autoterm Planar 2D is the most compact diesel air heater in the series, with a maximum output of 2kW, it is capable of heating up a 75m3 space hourly. The compact design and comprehensive installation kit make it easy to install / retrofit to any caravan, RV or offroad camper.

The Digital LED Control panel has a 7 day programmable cycle with thermostatic or manual control.

Included Components

  • Heater, Supporting Brackets, Mounting Base Plate, Clamps and Screws
  • Power Cable with Fuses 6.5m
  • Digital LED Controller & Thermostat
  • Controller Cable 1.8m
  • Fuel Pump, Rubber Holder and 6m Cable
  • Fuel Hose 10m
  • Fuel Standpipe 68cm
  • Air Intake Hose 65cm and Air Intake Silencer 18cm
  • Muffler with Mounting Kit
  • Spiral Wound Exhaust Pipe 1m
  • Heat Insulation 45cm
  • Air Intake grill, Heater Vent, Heater Ducting 1.2m.


    • Brushless induction motor
    • Low fuel consumption
    • Quiet operation
    • Reliable operation in the coldest environments
    • Capable of heating vehicles up to 33ft / 10m
    • 2 year warranty.


    • Model: 2D12PU27, 100-02504
    • Brand: Autoterm
    • Voltage: 12V
    • Heating Capacity: 2kW
    • Air Flow: 34 - 75m3/h
    • Fuel Consumption: 0.10 - 0.24l/h
    • Fuel type: Diesel
    • Dimensions (mm): 119(w) x 145(h) x 310 (d)
    • Weight: 2.9kg
    • Shipping Weight: 7.37 Kgs.
    • Shipping Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm x 70 cm.

    Our Comments

    We are aware of other sellers listing inferior knockoff diesel heaters under the Planar name. A good indication is price with the RRP set at $1699, also genuine sellers should be listing a 2 year warranty.
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