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Walex Elemonate Grey Water Deodoriser - Lemon Scent - 5 Tablets

Walex Elemonate Grey Water Deodoriser - Lemon Scent - 5 Tablets
Grey Water Tank Deodorizer
Grey Water Tank Deodorizer
WALEX Elemonate Grey Water Deodoriser
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Freshen your sink and drain lines with this quick-dissolving tablet.Contains enzymes to safely break down grease in the grey water tank and plumbing lines. Continued use of Elemonate will keep your drain lines open, flowing and odour-free.


  • Easy to add - just dissolve in your sink, release plug to let it flow into tank
  • Biodegradable
  • Warning ** This is NOT for toilets
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Model: 042689 CAMEC
  • Brand: Walex
  • Barcode: 742693617768
  • 5 quick dissolve tablets
  • Each tablet treats up to 250 litre grey water tank
  • Shipping Weight: 300 grams.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 13 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm.
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