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PDF Installation Instructions (1.4MB)

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Truma VarioHeat eco AU Technical and Customer Service Manual

Installation and Operation Guide

Installation Overview

Installation Requirements

Installation Steps

  1. Selecting Location: Install the heater centrally for even heating. Ensure accessibility for service and maintenance.
  2. Fastening the Heater: Use the supplied mounting brackets and ensure the heater is securely attached to prevent movement during travel.
  3. Exhaust Duct Installation: Use Truma accessories only. Duct lengths should be between 30 cm to 100 cm.
  4. Wall Cowl Installation: Ensure it vents outdoors and is placed away from any vents, windows, or tank nozzles within specified clearances.
  5. Warm Air Distribution: Utilize Truma accessories for distributing warm air efficiently within the RV.
  6. Room Temperature Sensor Installation: Install above entrance doors on a vertical wall for optimal temperature control.
  7. Electrical Connections: Follow wiring diagrams carefully. Ensure a stable power supply of 12 V with appropriate cable sizing.

Safety and Maintenance

Technical Specifications

Troubleshooting and Support

This manual serves as a comprehensive guide for customer service and technical staff in supporting users of the Truma VarioHeat eco AU heater. Always adhere to safety guidelines and installation requirements to ensure optimal operation and user satisfaction.

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