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Safety Hush Smoke Alarm (S1221)

Safety Hush Smoke Alarm (S1221)
Smoke Alarm, Ideal for RV with the hush button.
Smoke Alarm, Ideal for RV with the hush button.
Rear View Safety Hush Smoke Alarm
Battery Included S1221
Side Profile 500-00200
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Ionization Smoke Alarm with 9V battery, including hush button, ideal for small areas where the alarm is easy to switch off.


  • Red LED flashes indicate alarm function
  • Test Push button to test function & circuitry
  • Easy & Simple to install
  • Low battery warning signal
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Model: 500-00200 Coast to Coast, 040188 CAMEC
  • Dimension:100mm dia x 28mm height
  • Hush button for easy reset
  • Shipping Weight: 160 grams.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 7 cm x 15 cm x 22 cm.
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