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RedArc™ BreakSafe Electric Breakaway Kit, suit 2 & 4 Wheels, BS6000, Includes Battery

RedArc BreakSafe Electric Breakaway Kit, suit 2 & 4 Wheels, BS6000, Includes Battery
BreakSafe Electric Breakaway Kit 6000
BreakSafe Electric Breakaway Kit 6000
Breakaway Switch
CPBS6000	BREAKSAFE: Electric Breakaway Kit
Case open showing battery of breakaway kit 6000
Included Screws
Installation Manual
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The Breaksafe 6000 Breakaway System activates the electric brake system and brake lights of your Caravan or Trailer if it is accidentally separated from the tow vehicle (e.g. Breakaway).

The battery compartment is easily accessible and features a fully enclosed circuit board case for better water resistance.

The kit includes a 7ah battery, coil cable breakaway switch, mounting hardware and installation instructions.

The breaksafe battery recharges while driving through an auxiliary line or you can use an external battery charger. You can also test the condition of the battery with a simple push of the button on the front of the unit.

In NSW it is mandatory to have a remote monitor that gets fitted inside the tow vehicle. This is a separate part, see part RM6000


  • Applies electric brakes on up to 4 wheels, if a trailer/caravan gets separated from tow vehicle
  • Keeps brakes applied for up to 20 minutes
  • Includes a 7ah battery that re-charges while you drive.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Model: CPBS6000 RV Electronics, 000940 Camec, 350-01280 Coast-to-Coast, RedArc BA6000
  • Brand: RedArc
  • Suitable for: Caravans, trailers, horse floats and campers
  • Shipping Weight: 3.16 Kgs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 10 cm x 19 cm x 32 cm.
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