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Odour-B-Gone RV Toilet Tablets - 20 x 30g Tablets - Septic Safe

Odour-B-Gone RV Toilet Tablets - 20 x 30g Tablets - Septic Safe
Odour-B-Gone, cassette tablets
Odour-B-Gone, cassette tablets
Enviro Friendly Waste Cassette Tablets
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Stock Update - 18th August 2022

Yes, we have stock. Right now there are 12 of these held at our warehouse (Queanbeyan NSW).
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The larger 30g size tablets are a more economical option for larger holding tank toilets. They are suitable for use in holding tank, cassette and portable toilets and can be emptied into composting toilets, septic or sewer systems. They break down solids, remove bad odour and contain no harmful chemical. The new look pack includes 20 x 30g Fast Action Tablets plus 10 x 2g Mini Oxygen Tabs.


  • Holding Tanks: Add 1 tablet every every 8 day
  • Cassette Toilets: Add 1/2 tablet & 1/2 cup of water for 4 days freshness
  • Grey Water Tanks: Place a tablet in corner of shower (cleans pipes as well) or add directly to tank

    The 2 gram Mini Tab (green) is used in a spray bottle, simply drop into a 400 mil bottle with cup hot water & top up with cold water, give it a shake and is ready for use. You do not have to wait till the mini tab fully dissolves. We use the spray bottle for the bowl & seat, which only takes seconds & in the heat perhaps spray the bowl 3 times a day. By spraying it is killing the bad bacteria & any odour, it is good to open the slide when spraying to allow entry into the bottom cassette. (You do not have to wait for the Mini Tab to fully dissolve, just use it!)


    • No Damage to seals/bowl
    • Can be used with saltwater
    • Biodegradable
    • Enviro-friendly
    • Compact/lightweight
    • Replaces All other products
    • Can be used in other areas
    • Very Cost Effective
    • TGA Option C Tested
    • Australian Made
    • This quality product is Made in Australia.


    • Model: 850-04060, OLD 850-04050
    • Brand: Odour-B-Gone
    • Barcode: 746935500740
    • 20 x 30g tablets (white)
    • 10 x 2g Mini oxygen tabs for use in a spray bottle.
    • Safe to Discharge into Septic, Bio and Compost Systems
    • Shipping Weight: 660 grams.
    • Shipping Dimensions: 11 cm x 13 cm x 6 cm.

    Our Comments

    If these are to be used in toilets without a separate flush tank, a spray bottle should be made up from 1/2 a tablet dissolved in water. This adds new oxygen each flush for freshness.

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