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Upgrading your Antenna to HD

Article by Steve Smith - Caravans Plus

For years now the Winegard Sensar antenna has been used by Caravan and Motorhome builders as a standard inclusion. There are other very similar antennas like the "Commander" that operate the same way but are not 100% compatible in size or shape to the Winegard Sensar.

Since High Definition (HD) and Digital have become the standard now, the Winegard Sensar has suffered from not being the most effective antenna, especially in fringe areas and where a vertical signal is broadcast.

We now offer three different solutions:

Left: Wingman installed on TV antenna.
Right: Photo of Wingman by itself.

One solution (shown above) is to add a Wingman to your existing Winegard Sensar antenna. It is a simple yet effective solution which greatly increases its clarity and range.

The local version of the Wingman is easily identified by the NZ-WING printed on the bottom of the packaging.

The local Wingman has been developed specifically for Australian and New Zealand conditions in order to function fully with the broader spectrum of High Definition channels being broadcast.

The Wingman clips to your existing Winegard Sensar, using no screws or attaching wires to connect. The Wingman captures more (up to twice as much) of the High Definition signals, this allows a clear picture even in some places where a signal may not have been received before. The UHF range 470-860MHz is most improved.

Left: Graph showing increase in signal with Wingman.

Right: Photo of Wingman being clipped to antenna.

For more information including reviews and installation video or to Buy Now:

Wingman NZ-Wing UHF Add-on - Suit Winegard Antennas

Wingman NZ-Wing UHF Add-on - Suit Winegard Antennas

16 In Stock Now.

A second solution is to replace your existing Sensar Head with the Winegard Freevision HV antenna, RetroFit kit.

Winegard Freevision HV antenna will replace your existing Winegard Sensar head and as well as the HD signal it will receive quality Vertical and Horizontal signals when ever it is extended.

Your winder, cables and 12V wall plate don't need to be changed at all, it is just a replacement to the above roof arm and head.

For more information or to Buy Now:

Winegard Freevision HV Antenna - RetroFit Kit onlyBest Seller

Winegard Freevision HV Antenna - RetroFit Kit only

14 In Stock Now.

A third solution is to replace your Sensar Head with a JACK antenna HD head.

The JACK antenna HD head will fit onto your existing Winegard extended arms.

This uses your existing arms, winder, cables and 12V power supply, but it also includes a 12V power supplier if you are using it as a new installation on a mast.

This is designed for horizontal signals only.

A limited number of vertical signals are broadcast in Australia at present.

For more information or to Buy Now:

King Jack Digital HD Antenna - Suit Winegard Lifter and Round Mast

King Jack Digital HD Antenna - Suit Winegard Lifter and Round Mast

4 In Stock Now.

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  • comment-avatar

    Steven Krepp

    I have nothing on my jayco Penguin at the moment and need to get a 12v/240 v antenna I would like to know what is Sensar head is ? And if I bought a wineguard can I put it on a mast as I am not to keen on putting holes on my pop up roof. What would be my best solution.

  • comment-avatar

    Laura - CaravansPlus

    Hi Steven, The Winegard Sensar is an antenna that was commonly installed on many vans prior to the change from analogue to digital signals. If you do not wish to have an antenna mounted through your roof, there a few mast antennas by FoldAway and Happy Wanderer that can be found here: https://www.caravansplus.com.au/tv-audio-parts/tv-radio-antennas-c-290.html

  • comment-avatar


    Just purchased a 2009 caravan with a batwing ant with the wingman attached. Can you tell me will all get the same reception as the latest Winegard Sensar on the old one or is it better to get the retro fit for better reception

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