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How to Remove Gas Strut Ball Joints

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Caravans Plus sell a range of gas struts, and brackets which are interchangeable. Sometimes your gas struts may be delivered from us with the ball joint pre-installed into the socket.

We are often asked by our customers how to remove the ball from the socket to enable the use of the brackets we offer.

All that is required is to simply remove the spring steel retaining clip that is holding the ball firmly in place.

Carefully use a small prying tool. A small flat blade screw driver works best as you can twist the blade to remove the clip easily.

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WARNING - The clip is spring steel. Please take care not to inadvertently stab your fingers, or flick the spring into your eyes. Always take the proper precautions when working with hand tools.

To Remove Ball Joint You Must First Remove The Spring

To Remove Ball Joint You Must First Remove The Spring.

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    I need a lower anchor plate as I have damaged one of mine

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