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How to Install CAMEC One-Key System

Article by Peter Smith - Caravans Plus
Read Time: 5 mins

Do you have a different key for your caravan door, water filler, toilet access, and boot handle?

There is now a solution that will let you open them all with one key!

CAMEC has a One-Key solution that will fit most lockable items on the outside of your Caravan or Motorhome. For some new locks the keyed alike barrels simply replace the existing barrel, while for other locks you need to replace the barrel holder before you can install your new One-Key barrel.

Overview One-Key Barrels

Barrel kits are available to suit a number of different locks, and from April 2014 each kit will have one LONG barrel and the balance as SHORT barrels.
1) CAMEC lockable water filler
2) T-handle boot locks
3) Thetford toilet and access doors.
4) Access door lock housing.
5) Camec 3 point door lock

1) CAMEC hinged lid water filler (One-Key short barrel compatible)

The CAMEC hinged lid water filler come One-Key ready where the short barrels are a direct replacement for the barrels supplied with the filler. These water fillers (see 2 below) were released in 2012 as a direct size replacement for the earlier VECAM and CAMEC (see 1 below) lockable water fillers with the removable cap.

Water Filler

To replace the short barrel included with filler (2 above) follow these easy steps.


(1) While unlocked, insert RED key into the original pre-installed BLACK key barrel. Remove the original barrel by pulling the RED key.
(2) Insert the BLUE key into the new short barrel then place the new barrel into the water filler.

Your water filler will now open with any of the supplied blue keys.
To remove red key for reuse, depress the outer circlip while pulling key.

2) CAMEC T-handles, 2 styles and 2 sizes (One-Key compatible)

The CAMEC T-handles have been used on thousands of Caravan boots over the years. The pointed style has been used on Windsor Rapids, Coromal, and Transformer.

Up to 2011: CAMEC handles produced prior to 2011 are not compatible with the One-Key system,
In 2012: CAMEC introduced two boot T-handles that will accommodate the SHORT One-Key barrels.
In 2014: CAMEC changed these two boot T-handles to only accommodate the LONG One-Key barrels.
We are unable to get boot handles that accept the SHORT barrels. Even the COMPLETE boot locks are NOT one key compatible at this stage.

The square style below changed in April 2014 and will now only accept the LONG barrel.

One key boot handle squat

The pointed style below changed in April 2014 and will now also only accept the LONG barrel.


Installation is the same on all styles.

Rapid fit

(1) T-handle as supplied
(2) Insert BLUE key into One-Key SHORT or LONG barrel depends on your lock, then place barrel into T-handle

RED Key is not required unless you need to remove the barrel.

3) Thetford toilet and access doors (Lock barrel adapter uses SHORT barrel)

The very popular Thetford Toilets, C2, C4, C200, C400 and C250 all use the Thetford access door, plus there are many larger Thetford access doors that use the same lock. These locks can have the inner barrel housing changed to this part (there are 2 in a kit) to accept the CAMEC One-Key lock barrels.

Installation will take about 5-10mins and care should be taken to not drop parts when opening the rear of the lock. It is recommended to lay the door flat for this procedure. Full instructions are included in the pack, but briefly:

CAMEC One-Key System

CAMEC One-Key System

(1) Remove 2 phillips head screws and cover from rear of lock(s). Replace housing as per the instructions in the pack. Discard old housing and barrel. Replace rear cover.
(2) Insert BLUE key into One-Key barrel, then place barrel into front of door.

RED Key is not required unless you need to remove the barrel.

4) Access door lock housing (One-Key compatible)

A number of small access doors use the rotating mini door lock shown below. The sliding tongue style is used on some access doors also. The identical procedure is used.

CAMEC One-Key System

CAMEC One-Key System

(1) The housing (both styles) come without any barrel or keys. These are a separate part.
(2) Insert BLUE key into One-Key barrel, then place barrel into front of door.

RED Key is not required unless you need to remove the barrel.

5) CAMEC 3 point door lock (Outside handle replacement)

All CAMEC doors made before 2012 had the Original CAMEC 3 point lock which did NOT have a coloured logo. These require replacement of the outer door handle with the One-Key outer door handle, which is identified by the addition of an Aqua/Grey logo as shown below.

Most new locks purchased since 2012 should include the CAMEC logo and will be compatible with the One-Key lock barrels.

**Important - Check for the logo, manufacturers may have had existing stock of doors or locks that were still installed after 2012.

CAMEC One-Key System

CAMEC One-Key System

Left image shows ORIGINAL outer lock housing that needs to be replaced
Right image shows One-Key Compatible housing and has Aqua/Grey Logo

To install new One-Key barrel
(1) UNLOCK existing lock with your existing key. Then Insert RED key into the original pre-installed BLACK key barrel.
(2) Remove the original barrel by pulling the RED key.
(3) Insert BLUE key into One-Key barrel, then place barrel into front of door.

To remove RED key for reuse, depress the outer circlip while pulling key.

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  • comment-avatar

    David Evans

    What happens with compression hatch locks. I can't find replacement latches listed, although they appear in your youtube videos. How can I identify if the latches currently fitted are camec (new JB Scorpion) and would accept new barrels?

  • comment-avatar

    Laura - CaravansPlus

    Hi David, Unfortunately Camec discontinued the compression latches to suit the One-key system.

  • comment-avatar

    Gerry Schoorl

    Hello, I have lost the key for the door and gas bottle door and water door on my Jayco slide on. is your one key fits all barrel replacements suitable for Jayco locks. Jayco does not appear to have this system but will sell the locks separately and once again you have three different keys. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  • comment-avatar

    Laura - CaravansPlus

    Hi Gerry, Im not sure what is fitted to your Jayco but the Camec one-key system is only compatible with Camec (and thetford using adaptors) access doors, locks and water fillers as shown above.

  • comment-avatar


    Cannot unlock a hatch lock? The lock is a Thetford. How do i get into the lock and look at fixing the barrel so key works?

  • comment-avatar


    Will this system work on a UK Bailey caravan. I hope so. Do you ship to UK? Thanks.

  • comment-avatar


    Will this system work on the new VISCOUNT V3 caravan. Thanks.

  • comment-avatar


    I bought a t handle part no 042091 (square handle) and a barrel and key for t handle part no 042508. After looking on your website the t handle is the latest version with the plastic logo on on arm of the handle. The barrel looks to be a long barrel which your website says will fit the latest t handle. Purchased from ARB in Batemans Bay NSW. I cannot fully insert the barrel into the t handle. There is a tab at the end of the barrel which needs to be depressed so that the barrel can enter the t handle. It will then go most of the way but it stops when it is about 2 mm from the face of the barrel being flush with the end of the t handle. Do I have the right parts? What am I missing? Thank you, John

  • comment-avatar


    Have the same exact issue right now and looking for a solution if anyone can help. Cheers!

  • comment-avatar


    I bought a Camec Odyssey from you in September 2017. But my caravan has taken so long to build that I misplaced most of the keys. So I bought the 8 key set. I actually have 9 locks. I noticed that the door supplied does not have the logo on it and therefore must be an earlier model. Is this the case and what parts do I need to install this lock into the door? Thanks in advance. Keith

  • comment-avatar


    Hi, I have just received a replacement barrel from you but can't get the old one out. I have followed the guide to the description given but it's not working. Am I missing something here or could there be a problem in the housing, or perhaps the wrong barrel. I can't turn the key in the lock, therefor can't line up the protrusions in the gaps. Hope you can solve this for me. Many thanks. Buddy.

  • comment-avatar


    Will these fit a 2004 Outback Dove

  • comment-avatar


    I just changed the barrels on my door and boot T handle to the one key system. Both handles were compatible with the one key system. The instructions were odd in that it said use the green key when there was only a red and blue key? In the demonstration video it shows the demonstrator just pushing the new barrels straight in without and effort, in fact I had to use a dentists pick to compress the first tab on the barrel to get them in. I guess this is a Camec issue.

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