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Guide to Camper Trailer Windup-Systems

Article by Peter Smith - Caravans Plus

The following photos and descriptions are provided here to assist you to understand how the most common windup system works. This is used in Jayco's, Coromal, Windsor and Goldstream.

Corner 1 - front left hand side

The winch is normally located in the front corner on the door side. The winch height is around 270mm and width at the base, allow 170mm.

Camper Trailer Windup-Systems

Corner 2 - front right hand side

Below: Looking toward the front of the camper, the cables slope down to the offside - max 100mm height required at the corner.

The thick main cable comes from the winch and joins the four smaller corner cables at the harness plate. The two front floor tracks hold the push rods and an end of each cable.

Camper Trailer Windup-Systems
Below: At the same corner, but looking from above. Notice there are also two cables (together) going around the corner pulley to the rear of the camper.

Camper Trailer Windup-Systems

Below: Same corner again, showing how the cables to rear need to avoid the wheel well.

Camper Trailer Windup-Systems

Corner 3 - Rear, right hand side

Below: View from outside, showing inside the wall. The push rod cannot be seen, but it is curving up thru the corner bend (These are now enclosed, tubular bends) into the base of the telescopic arm which is inside the wall.

Camper Trailer Windup-Systems

Below: Same corner from the inside. The twin cables coming from over the wheel well, down to the next corner pulley.

Camper Trailer Windup-Systems

Corner 4 - Rear Left Side

Below: Shows the rear of camper with the floor track ending in the last corner.

The Winch could also be located in this corner, with everything reversed.

Camper Trailer Windup-Systems

Caravans Plus sources the popular repair parts from CAMPER CARE in Melbourne. Trevor Eastman, in Melbourne, operates Camper Care and is happy to assist with Camper Conversion kits to the public, but does not sell single spare parts to the public. As the campers trailers can vary in style and size these kits are put together differently for each camper after the order is placed. Trevor has been working with Camper Trailers for many decades and knows every windup camper trailer model that has ever been sold in Australia.

Please Note: Trevor Eastman's Camper Care has been officially wound up, and Trevor has since retired.

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    Very good visuals here, my 2016 swan had a left front problem outer square tube slid too far entire Spring popped. Does this piece have a plastic insert to stop over extension? Thank you

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    How can I get into the cable area from inside the Penguin?

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