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Caravan Diesel Heater Vs Gas Heaters

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As the temperature starts to drop, you may be finding life in your caravan or motorhome a bit chilly! When it comes to heating your caravan there are a few options so you will need to decide which heating system is best for you.

Caravan in snow
Keep warm this winter with a caravan heater

Caravan Gas Heaters

Gas heating is an efficient heating solution with many great benefits. Firstly, as most caravans already carry gas to run cooktops or 3-way fridges you do not need to carry an extra fuel source.

They are also very quiet to run, with only the fan creating any noise.

Truma VarioHeat Installed
Truma VarioHeat Operation & Installation

Truma has been a leader in Caravan gas heaters both in Australia and overseas for many years. The Trumatic E2400 was extremely popular and has now been superseded by the new and improved Truma VarioHeat Eco.

The VarioHeat features greater heating power and temperature control than ever before, with the option of two heating output levels (1.3kW or 2.8kW) as well as Boost and Night mode functions. It is simple to operate with the included digital CP Plus control panel allowing you to easily select your desired options.

Truma Gas Heater - VarioHeat Eco - Cream CowlSpecial Price

Truma Gas Heater - VarioHeat Eco - Cream Cowl

33 In Stock Now.

There is also an optional add on for the VarioHeat - the Truma E-Kit which provides up to 1800W of additional heating power when 240V is available. The kit attaches directly into the VarioHeat unit (or anywhere in the warm air line) and allows you boost your heating power, or operate solely on electricity to save on gas when possible.

Truma E-Kit - 1800W Electric Add On Suit VarioHeat

Truma E-Kit - 1800W Electric Add On Suit VarioHeat

5 In Stock Now.

Another option is the Truma Combi 2E, which is a combined air and water heater. The combi operates on Gas but includes an electric heating element allowing for combined gas and electric operation when 240v is available. Both the hot water system and air heater can be run individually or simultaneously and are easily controlled with the included digital control panel.

Truma Combi 2E Air & Water Heater - Gas / Electric - Electronic IgnitionClearance Item

Truma Combi 2E Air & Water Heater - Gas / Electric - Electronic Ignition

2 In Stock Now.

One downside to gas heaters is that they must be installed by a licensed gas fitter and in accordance to gas regulations which may rule out some installations. Although they are very energy efficient, it will still increase the demand on your gas supply which could become an issue if travelling remotely with limited refill options.

Caravan Diesel Heaters

Diesel heating also has a range of benefits with great fuel efficiency, flexible DIY installation and readily available fuel source.

Unlike gas heaters, diesel units do not have a flue that goes through the wall but rather an exhaust that goes through the floor of the vehicle. This gives greater flexibility for installation, which can also be carried out DIY without the need for a qualified tradesperson.

Eberspacher D2 Installed
Eberspacher Operation & Installation

Eberspacher has been a leading brand in diesel heating for many years with D2 and D4 models available depending on your required power.

Autoterm Heaters are Russian made and relativity new to the Australian market, they have a proven history in Europe and America and are known for their durability.

The Eberspacher D2 or Planar 2D would be sufficient for most installations with 4 power settings from 800W to 2.2kW

Autoterm Planar 2D - Diesel Air Heater - 12V / 2kW - Single OutletFree Shipping

Autoterm Planar 2D - Diesel Air Heater - 12V / 2kW - Single Outlet

19 In Stock Now. Free Shipping.
Eberspacher D2L (Airtronic 2) - Diesel Air Heater - 12V - Single Outlet kit

Eberspacher D2L (Airtronic 2) - Diesel Air Heater - 12V - Single Outlet kit


For larger vehicles the D4 provides up to a whopping 4.0kW

Eberspacher D2 vs D4 Specs
Eberspacher D2 vs D4 Specifications

While Diesel heaters will be slightly louder than their gas counterparts, most noise can be minimised when selecting quality units and ensuring they are mounted correctly.

The Eberspacher comes standard with quality rubber fuel pump mount as well as an exhaust muffler which helps reduce noise created by the fuel pump.

Another benefit is while LPG may be hard to come by / more expensive in remote areas, diesel is readily available. This means you can spend more time off the grid without eating into your cooking / fridge gas supplies.

For those with diesel powered motorhomes, you can also tap directly into the vehicles fuel tank rather than having to carry a separate diesel tank.

Compare Heaters

To easily compare specifications of our heaters check out the comparison chart below:

Compare Caravan & RV Heaters

Compare Caravan & RV Heaters

View the different Heaters available. Compare their specifications, prices, reviews and more.

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  • comment-avatar


    Could anyone with a gas caravan heater please tell me their opinion of it as I am undecided between gas and diesel heating Thank You

  • comment-avatar


    I've had both and would strongly recommend the gas, quite efficient and warms our 17ft van extremely well.

  • comment-avatar


    The best thing. It even has a quite night setting so you can still sleep. I have walked by a diesel one & they are loud as.

  • comment-avatar


    Keith, Some Caravan Parks are not allowing the use of a Diesel heater as it creates fumes for the van next door. This is also the case when Free Camping. We have a Gas heater and it is extremely warm and Efficient.

  • comment-avatar


    I have had both, the gas heater is quieter outside the van, both quiet inside. The gas heater needs to be fitted by a qualified gas installer the diesel you can do yourself. The gas is connected to the van gas system so you do not need to carry a jerry can of fuel.

  • comment-avatar


    I will not use diesel or gas heating.... Sorry, danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning IF something goes wrong. A decent detector runs $200+ for a good one, not $15 for a useless Bunnings special.

  • comment-avatar


    Is it possible to replace the existing gas water heater with a combined air water heater.

  • comment-avatar


    I have had a Truma gas heater in my 6.7m van since 2014. It has performed perfectly very economically. It has certainly made travelling at any time of the year comfortable without relying on powered sites.

  • comment-avatar


    I have a Diesel Eberspeach that has been in operation for 17 years without any issues ...It was installed under our double bed & presents no operating issues....It dose make a bit of noise on start up but after a few minutes all is quiet & runs nice & cosy.... A 15 litre tank is all that is needed for a extended getaway....Highly recomend diesel as it leaves the gas for water heating & internal?external cooking...

  • comment-avatar


    I'm curious to know how often you've had to get your unit serviced in that time? Our Eberspacher D2 has been a constant headache, barely running a year or two of light use without choking on its own carbon buildup.

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