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Camec Caravan Doors Guide

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Camec have been the major manufacturer of caravan doors for the Australian market for more than 25 years. Their core design has withstood the test of time remaining mostly unchanged. Staying true to the key concepts, Camec's range of doors have evolved using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques available. They have adapted the doors to the keep up with modern trends, not only with cosmetic upgrades but updated features like double glazing, security mesh screens and inbuilt blinds.

Camec Door History

The original range of Camec doors consisted of white panel doors with four square corners and a security grille and fly-screen. As time progressed there were 7 new releases which included the Galaxy and Jupiter - named after the window style of the time. The new models included an increase in colour options and also the addition of the 2 radius corner door.

In 2013 Camec released the Odyssey range of doors which included 4 square corner, 2 radius corner and the new 4 radius corner. The new range features a slimline main frame and the Odyssey acrylic window panel which has rounded corners. In addition to the standard range Camec introduced the Odyssey Premium range available in the 2 and 4 radius corner doors. The added features of the premium range include double glazed window panel and a RVSafe stainless steel security screen door.

In 2018 Camec's latest model the Odyssey Aero was introduced. The new model includes the security screen mesh from the premium range and a new look tinted flush window panel. It has also been designed to incorporate Camec's latest accessories such as the internal door blind and keyless entry. The Odyssey Aero is available in a range of colours in the 4 square & 2 radius corner style doors.

Early Model Camec Doors

Current Range - Camec Odyssey Doors

The complete Odyssey Door range are manufactured by Camec in their Melbourne warehouse, while they hold stock of the most popular doors there can be a lead time up to 29 days. The Odyssey doors incorporate two doors (main door & screen /security door) into a single easy to use slimline unit. A simple rotation of the door handle releases the outer door which can then be held open leaving a fully functioning security screen door.

The inner door of Standard Odyssey range features a black Amplimesh security grille and flyscreen. The outer door is constructed of an aluminium frame, single PVC panel infill and single glazed acrylic tinted window. Fitted with a lower Venturi vent to conform with gas regulations the doors are finished with Camec's classic 3 point locking system for added strength and stability.

The Premium range have a stainless steel security screen(like crimsafe) to keep out both insects and thieves. The outer door features a double glazed tinted window panel for added comfort and temperature control.

Camec Odyssey Doors

Camec Odyssey Door Range

Selecting a Door Style

When selecting a new door there are a number of options available for new installations. If you are replacing an older door your choices may be restricted due to your specific size limitations.


The size of the door is always determined by the cutout size, NOT the overall dimensions of the door. There are two standard width options 572mm and 622mm, however there is also limited range of 878mm wide doors available. The standard height options include 1540mm, 1623mm, 1690mm, 1723mm, 1750mm, 1822mm and 1908mm. These sizes are standard across all the different models of doors, just remember the corner setup will need to be taken into account if changing styles.


  • 4 Square Corners - The original door style and is still popular.
  • 2 Radius Corners - The top 2 corners have been curved for aesthetics, generally seen on more recently manufactured caravans.
  • 4 Radius Corners - All four corners have been curved, this is the latest style added to mirror the American RV market.


    All doors come with hinges fitted to either the left or right side. The side is determined when looking towards to caravan from the outside. This means that a left hand door has the hinges located towards the front of the caravan when installed on the standard side (passenger side)


    There are a range of colour combinations available. Firstly the frame comes in white or black, next the door panel is available in white, black or silver and finally the vent comes in white or black. In recent years Camec has simplified the range by only releasing standard colour combinations.

  • White door, frame and vent
  • Black door, fame and vent
  • Silver door, black frame and vent

    How to Install a Camec Odyssey Door

    The Camec Odyssey Doors are a precision door using the latest components for improved security, strength and durability. The unique 3 point locking system door requires greater care by installers during installation.

    Avoid fitting Right hinged door to passenger side of caravan.

    Hinge side screws must be installed first (Middle, Top, Bottom) striker side screws to be installed second (Middle, Top, Bottom)

    Door needs to be mounted on a flat surface and have a hardwood or metal frame to attach to. Use 8 gauge screws at least 25mm long (8g x 1")


    1. Prepare Cut-out .

  • For doors with radius corners, a 125mm radius must be cut-out where necessary.
  • Cut-out is the nominal door size, e.g. a 1750 x 622 door requires a maximum 1752mm high by 624mm wide cut-out.
  • Make sure cut-out is accurate (max tolerance allowed 0/+ 2mm), straight & square.
  • Cut out width must be an even and accurate width at the 3 hinge points.
  • Cladding seams should be crushed and filled with sealant.

    2. Remove door strikers on trim frame. Drill clearance holes for 8 gauge self tapping screws between striker nuts.

    3. Temporarily place door in cut-out, if required, use spacers to ensure door is centered in cut-out, mark mounting holes for strikers and hinges.

    4. Drill pilot holes in door frame for strikers and hinges.

    5. Drill clearance holes for 8 gauge screw in trim frame at hinges if necessary.

    6. Clean back of trim frame and area around door with suitable solvent, i.e. IPA.

    7. Apply foam tape to back face of trim frame and then a bead of sealant.

    8. Place door in cut-out, install and tighten hinge screws first, followed by striker screws. Do not over tighten screws, pack excessive gaps to make sure trim frame does not distort.

    9. Install trim frame screws at top and bottom. (drill clearance holes in trim frame and pilot hole in door frame)

    10. Re-install lock striker ensuring correct alignment of locks and frames and adjust so door closes flat

    11. Clean up excess sealant and test door operation.

    Odyssey door installation diagrams

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      I have a door opening with square corners. Height is 1985 mm Width is 764 mm Can I get a door made to these mesurements

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      I have a door opening with square corners. Height is 1985 mm Width is 764 mm Can I get a door made to these measurements Regards Mark

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      I have a Jayco Starcraft outback 16ft 2014 the screen door has a crack in the plastic on the bottom and now it catches when opened. Can i buy the screen door only it is a Camec rounded on all corners.

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      Over complicated.No mention of timber internal frame or other suggestion mentioned.Very close tolerances ect ect.

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      It's a good and informative article and useful to. Thanks a lot for sharing such a piece of info with us.

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