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Double Power Point (White) - Double Pole - Transco™

Double Power Point (White) - Double Pole - Transco
Double Power Point White, Double Pole, Removable Cover, POWERCLI
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Double power point, Double Pole, Removable Cover, POWERCLIP


POWERCLIP also offers optional coloured covers to replace the included white cover.

All recreational vehicles are required, by LAW, to be fitted with DOUBLE POLE power points. These have the added safety advantage that both the active and neutral wires are disconnected when the switch is turned off.

For your own safety, and others, do not place normal power points in your RV.

  • 1 year warranty.


  • Model: 500-09052 Coast to Coast, P2D Transco Australia
  • Brand: Transco
  • Aust/NZ approval Q00297
  • 116mm x 72mm, requires 12mm recess into wall.
  • Shipping Weight: 120 grams.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 4 cm x 8 cm x 12 cm.

    Our Comments

    This is the GENUINE original replacement spare part. Beware of aftermarket parts for this product.

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