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How does a Remote Control Caravan Mover Work?

Article by Steve Smith - Caravans Plus

Manoeuvring your caravan has recently become a whole lot easier!

Over the past few years, a number of products have been launched into the Australian caravan market to allow the use of mechanically assisted devices to make life easier when it comes moving your caravan either at home or on holiday.

At CaravansPlus we have chosen to stock what we believe is a quality range of proven moving devices from trusted suppliers.

Within this article we will discuss two options, both remote controlled caravan movers and also the electric jockey wheel solution.

Remote Controlled Movers

Have you ever found yourself:

  • Putting undue stress on your knees, hips, back, and doing a hernia whilst manhandling your caravan into awkward spot that was impossible to back into?
  • Becoming flustered with your travel companions helpful hand signals? (Yes, you know the ones!)
  • Increasingly frustrated with trying to back your caravan into tight spot that was (almost) impossible to back into?
  • Backing through tight gate posts or around corners your vehicle will not allow for?
  • Breaking into a sweat whilst backing in without an assistant.
  • Deciding your caravan door was facing the wrong side of the camp site once unhitched, even though you were the first there?
  • With the urge to have an extraordinarily large radio controlled vehicle as a talking point?

    Remote controlled movers have been gaining popularity with caravan owners Australia wide for all the above reasons, plus many more.
    These systems work by having two 12V drive motors (powered by a battery installed in your caravan), that engage the rear of the tyres on either side at the touch of a button via remote control, essentially turning your caravan into one very large remote controlled car!

    Watch this video to see how a Remote Control Caravan Mover works.

    CaravansPlus are happy to offer two of the biggest brands from two of Australia's largest names in the caravan industry - CAMEC and Coast to Coast RV.

    The first is CAMEC's self titled CAMEC Elite, and the slightly more up market (and 20% faster) CAMEC Elite-Pro.

    The CAMEC unit is suitable for moving caravans up to 1500kg (Elite) / 1750kg (Elite-Pro) on an 18% gradient, or caravans up to 1800kg (Elite) / 2000kg (Elite-Pro) if moving on the flat.

    A second set of CAMEC Elite motors can be added to increase the safe working load to 2500kg (Elite) / 3000kg (Elite-Pro) on the flat or 1800kg (Elite) / 2350kg (Elite-Pro), also suitable for use up to 18% gradient.

    The second offering, REICH is quality German engineering offered by Coast to Coast RV.

    The REICH is available in single and tandem kits. In it's single axle form, it operates a safe working load of 2000 kg, and capable of traversing a 25% gradient based on a caravan weight of 1200kg.

    The REICH tandem axle kit has a safe working load of 3000kg, whilst a caravan weighing 2000kg can traverse a gradient of 15%.

    For both CAMEC and REICH units, we also recommend using a solid twin jockey wheel such as the one we have here

    Solid Rubber Twin Jockey Wheel With Clamp, Suit 12V moving Systems, Capacity 1000kg

    Solid Rubber Twin Jockey Wheel With Clamp, Suit 12V moving Systems, Capacity 1000kg

    2 In Stock Now.

    These twin 10 inch solid wheels will allow the Caravan to move over rougher ground and/or changes in grade better than the single jockey wheels which you will find fitted to most caravans.

    Manual Caravan Movers

    Not every one needs a 12V mover, but you may need to move your caravan or trailer into an awkward position that you cannot manage while attached to your tow vehicle. The ratcheting type jockey wheels are a great solution in this case.

    Watch this video to see how a Ratchet Mover works.

    We have a range of 12V and Manual Ratchet Movers to choose from. The current range with prices is accessed below.

    * All information pages are general in nature. Manufacturers specifications, State and National regulations take precedence.
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