Caravans Plus Online Shop.

A family owned Australian business

CaravansPlus has been running since 2003 and we have over 100,000 customers. We post out caravan spare parts and accessories to people all over Australia.

Our family has been involved with caravans since the 1950's. was launched by myself (Peter) and my wife Judy in 2003. Online shopping was still very new and we were the first to in our industry to give it a try.

The website was a side business. Our bread and butter was renting out and repairing caravans. We had over 60 of them at once.

We started a rental business "A.C.T Caravan Hire" in 1984 and whilst the 25+ years had been fun (except for the endless cleaning), our side business "CaravansPlus" was quickly taking over. In 2009 we sold all the hire caravans and moved to a large warehouse.

Over the years, online shopping has continued to grow quickly and we have loved the challenge of the ever changing market place. We are proud that we have been able to grow and remain the largest online RV supplier in Australia and that we have so many customers who return to our shop.

I believe the main reason for our success is our staff. We have been very fortunate in finding knowledgeable people who care about what they do.

We have seven full time workers, including our two sons, Steven & Robert, who are now also partners in the business with us.

Smiths Hilltop Caravan Park in Queanbeyan NSW - 1959
Family at "Smiths" Caravan Park (1958). Peter 3 years old (left)
Caravans Plus Warehose in Queanbeyan NSW - 2011
Mark, Mike, Judy, Peter & Steve in front of new warehouse (2011)

Life before the internet...

Caravans and our interest in them have been around a lot longer than the internet.

Ross & Ethel Smith (my parents) bought land and built the Queanbeyan Caravan Park in 1958 when I was just 3 years old. Our family lived there and my brothers, sisters and I helped out around the park while we grew up. I have been around caravans ever since.

The future...

It's hard to know where the internet will take us.

Many kind people have said they shop with us because of our speedy and personal service. We want to keep improving on that.

We don't want to be another faceless "web shop".

We are a family run business with a lifetime of interest in our products.

Happy Travels,

Peter Smith.