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Canopy Lifters Breha, Lift 35kg, 1200 Wide, 930 High, Each

Canopy lifters BREHA, 30kg, 900 Wide, Up to 685 High
Canopy lifters BREHA, 30kg, 900 Wide, Up to 685 High
Canopy lifters BREHA
Canopy lifters BREHA
1200 Wide, 930 High
1200 Wide, 930 High
Spring loaded scissor type roof lifters
Spring loaded scissor type roof lifters
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Stock Update - 19th July 2024

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Canopy lifters BREHA. These spring loaded scissor type roof lifters are made of solid flat steel. These are extra large.


  • Each lifter will hold up 35kg of roof, with the standard spring included.

    The bottom bracket measures 1200mm long, and it can lift to a maximum height of 930mm. They are 5.7 kg each.

    When replacing, it is best to replace opposite lifters at the same time, to prevent undue stress which will bend the arms.

    These are stronger than the tubular arms.

    CARE - when fitting, insure they are replaced in the same direction as they were i.e. if the fixed corner is on the right, replace it with the fixed corner on the right.

    This will vary for each side.

    The enlargement shows the bracket closed. The image shows the mounting holes in the vertical face, and there are also holes in the horizontal faces for alternate mounting.

    When this is in the fully down position the distance from fixed pivot point to the centre of the roller in the channel is 1120mm. When the roof is at 800mm high the distance is 820mm, when the roof is at its maximum height of 930mm, the distance is 620mm.

  • 1 year warranty.


  • Model: 008345, 250-00530, 40130100
  • Brand: Breha
  • Original Model: 7-1200
  • Barcode: 0008345
  • 1200 wide,930 high.
  • Lift 35kg.
  • Units: 1 x Canopy Lifter
  • Shipping Weight: 5.40 Kgs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 125 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm.

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