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Bravura High Toilet, 454mm high, White

Bravura High Toilet, 454mm high, White
Thetford Bravura High Toilet
Thetford Bravura High Toilet
Thetford Bravura High Toilet Dimensions
Thetford Bravura High Toilet
Installation Guide and Owners Manual (600k)
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Stock Update - 19th August 2022

Sorry, this item is not in our warehouse. We usually have at least 10 of these on our shelves but they have just been sold.
We already have another 25 on order with our supplier. 13 of the new ones are already allocated to other people who have placed orders with us.
We should have these again before any other shops, so if you find this product elsewhere we recommend you confirm they physically have it.
We do not a firm ETA yet, but we expect them to arrive within a few weeks.
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Bravura High Toilet. These toilets require a holding tank for RV applications. These are sold primarily for upgrade situations in boats or buses where an existing installation has a holding tank, as we do NOT sell permanent holding tanks.


  • The packaging refers to a small sample chemical (Formaldehyde) that is banned within Australia, and is not included in the box when purchased within Australia.

    The Bravura Toilets from Thetford have a large and convenient single-pedal flush. In addition, its attractive styling is easy to clean and maintain. The Bravura's pulsating flush provides superior, near instantaneous, full-bowl wash down. These make the Bravura a worthy successor to Aqua-Magic Galaxy/Starlite!

    Many features make it the easiest RV toilet ever to install and service, including front shroud that pulls off for easy access to mounting bolts and pedal mechanism. Taller for a built-in higher comfort level. Easy-off Seat and Cover Pod for easy cleaning and service.

  • 1 year warranty.


  • Model: T31135, 850-01200, 001941, T31084, 850-01200
  • Barcode: 9321963154038
  • Length - 20 3/16 in.(51.3 cm)
  • Width - 16 9/16 in.(42.1 cm)
  • Height - 17 7/8 in.(45.4 cm)
  • Water inlet - 1/2 inch male BSP fitting.
  • Waste outlet - Underneath has an 89mm internal diameter outlet with rubber seal.
  • Shipping Weight: 8.20 Kgs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 48 cm x 51 cm x 42 cm.

Our Comments

The 18oz bottle of chemical is not included, as indicated on the packaging, as it contains a level of formaldehyde that is not legal in Australia.

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Spare Parts Diagram - Bravura Toilet

Spare Parts Diagram - Bravura Toilet


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