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ALKO AKS3004 Stabiliser. 618304

ALKO AKS3004 Stabiliser.  618304
Alko AKS3004 Stabiliser
Alko AKS3004 Stabiliser
Mounts Easily Over Existing Handbrake Plate
Lowering Large Handle engages Side Clamps
Indicator Shows When Fully Engaged
ALKO: AKS3004 Stabiliser. 18304
Includes retention plate and ball
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The Alko AKS3004 Stabiliser is a specific coupling designed to reduce trailer sway. This 50mm ball type fixed coupling is designed to be used on a Caravan or trailer up to 2500 kg total loaded mass and with a maximum tow ball weight of 250 kg.

This unique product incorporates a clamping system that grips the sides of a specially designed 50mm towball (AKS2000) and resists movement of the trailer. This action slows down any tendency for the trailer to sway or veer from a straight condition. This is particularly beneficial when large trailers such as caravans are buffeted by side winds or by a passing truck and trailer combination.

This stabiliser is a complete coupling that bolts onto the Caravan/Trailer A-frame.

It must be used with ALKO's anti rotating tow-ball and retention plate that prevents the towball rotating on the towbar.


  • Dual action clamping.
  • Side clamping can't be engaged till hand brake released.
  • Green indicator shows when fully engaged.
  • Includes retention plate and ball.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Model: 450-05145 Coast to Coast, 40335110
  • Brand: Alko
  • Barcode: 9320570180003
  • Max trailer weight 2500kg
  • mounting holes 184mm front to back x 54mm side to side x 13.5mm dia
  • Zinc plated
  • Shipping Weight: 11.00 Kgs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 15 cm x 19 cm x 50 cm.
How To Stop Your Caravan Swaying - Must See Video

How To Stop Your Caravan Swaying - Must See Video

A swaying caravan or trailer while towing can lead to disastrous outcomes - just see this spectacular video of a crash caused by poor weight distribut...

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