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Aircommand™ Cormorant Air Conditioner - 2.8kW Cool / 2.6kW Heat - 360mm High - 40kg

Aircommand Cormorant Air Conditioner - 2.8kW Cool / 2.6kW Heat - 360mm High - 40kg
AIRCOMMAND: Cormorant Air Conditioner
AIRCOMMAND: Cormorant Air Conditioner
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Cormorant Owners Manual
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The Cormorant reverse cycle air conditioner is made by Aircommand and sits on your RV or Caravan roof. It comes with a remote control and a digital display on the internal air outlet.

The unit boasts remote/electronic controls and is fully reverse cycle with electronic defrost to allow operation in -5C degrees.


Being a reverse cycle air conditioner means the Cormorant has high efficiency and provides one of the most economical forms of heating.
  • Fully reverse-cycle, suitable for heating and cooling fully insulated caravans and motor homes up to 23ft (external) in length
  • Remote controlled so you can adjust your comfort level anywhere within your caravan or RV
  • Fitted with built in compressor protection against intermittent power supply
  • Designed to dehumidify the air to help asthma suffers
  • Fitted with a stylish internal plenum (that's the bit you see inside on the ceiling)
  • Generator Required : Minimum output of 2.8 Kw
  • 3 year warranty.


  • Model: 002497 Camec, 100-00252 Coast-to-Coast, 5750001 Dometic
  • Brand: Aircommand
  • Electrical rating: 240V
  • Best for vehicle length: up to 7m (23ft)
  • Nominal Compressor Capacity: 3.5kW
  • Cooling Capacity: 2.8kW
  • Heating Capacity: 2.6kW
  • Maximum rated current: cooling 5.5A
  • Maximum rated current: heating 5.4A
  • Locked rotor current: 25A
  • Max Airflow: 558m3/h (155L/s)
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -5 degrees Celsius
  • Installed weight (including plenum): 40kg
  • Suits roof opening: 360mm x 360mm *Can be fitted to 400 x 400mm opening with Adapter shown in related products.
  • Will operate on most premium brand inverter type generators (check with your generator supplier for compatibility)


  • Overall height: 360mm
  • Overall width: 6705mm
  • Overall depth: 985mm
  • Air-discharge plenum height: 65mm
  • Air-discharge plenum width : 535mm
  • Air-discharge plenum length: 555mm
  • Shipping Weight: 60.00 Kgs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 120 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm.

    Our Comments

    These were previously advertised as having a higher kW rating prior to the Dometic acquisition of Aircommand. Different measuring procedures now bring it into line with Dometic's measuring standards. These are the current models and exact units that may be still advertised as higher ratings elsewhere

    If this unit is to be added to an older caravan or motorhome you may need to also purchase a H frame (see related products below). These metal frames, straddle the roof from one side to other, transferring the weight to the top of the walls. Many newer caravans have framing built inside the roof.
    Please check with the manufacturer if unsure.

    Fitting instructions come with the unit, however a licensed electrician is required to connect the 240v wiring.

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