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15ft Carefree Awning w LEDs - Silver Shale Fade (Fabric On Roll / No Arms)

Carefree Fiesta Awning 12ft - Silver Shale Fade
Carefree Fiesta Awning 12ft - Silver Shale Fade
Carefree Awning with Built-in LED lights
Carefree Awning with Built-in LED lights
How To Measure Your Rollout Awning
How To Measure Your Rollout Awning
Hardware is NOT included
Hardware is NOT included
Silver Shale Fade
Silver Shale Fade
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This special version of the Carefree Fiesta Awning comes complete with LED lighting built into the awning barrel. The adjustable LED's gives you clear bright light when you need it and can provide a more relaxed feel later in the night. This new style lighting is energy efficient, looks great and will provide an extra level of comfort to your outdoor area.

Carefree awnings are built tough, look great and are suitable for Pop-tops, Caravans and Motorhomes. Quick and easy to set up, they provide extra living space and let you enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. From privacy screens to complete annexe solutions, the Fiesta Awning is designed to accept a huge a range of accessories to customise your space.

Carefree of Colorado have been manufacturing awnings for over 45 years and has become an industry leader. The Fiesta is a favourite in the Australian market and is commonly fitted by major manufacturers like Jayco. They have been designed intentionally uncomplicated and are built from high quality materials which allow simple and reliable operation.


Rollout awnings like Carefree or Dometic require two seperate components to make a complete unit.

1) Awning fabric on the roller - Available in a large range of sizes and colours, however due to transport issue we only supply up to 16ft.

2) Hardware kit - This is the legs and arms that attach to your van. You will need to select the size which will suit your wall style. ie Full height, pop-top or curved

Measure Correctly

  • You MUST measure awning length from centreline of legs (See Image) mistakes are costly
  • If this is replacing an existing awning, and you have annex walls, it is essential you measure the extension.


    To set up awning you simply unlock the travel lock and pull the spring loaded awning roller out using the strap. You then extend the legs to achieve your desired roof height, then extend the roof braces to hold the fabric taut. The awning can be used with the legs attached to the base of the RV or they can be released and pegged to the ground.

    Not Included

  • Hardware Kit. Select a Pop-Top or Caravan Arm/leg and bracket kit separately.
  • Rope Track. Is NOT available from Caravans Plus but is required for new installations.


    • Multi-Layer Vinyls - Double wrapped with Weatherguard to protect from scratching, fading, mildew and staining. Carefree has a huge range of colours and patterns to suit any installation.
    • Remote Storage Lock - This clever design allows convenient release of travel lock at hand height. Unlike other brands which require the use of a wand to release the hard to reach locks.
    • Heavy Duty Brackets - Strong and sturdy brackets to withstand even the roughest offroad trips.
    • Single Track Slider - The simple and strong solution to eliminate seizing during setup. Rafters will continue to glide effortlessly for years.
    • Canopy Clamps - The roof braces have inbuilt canopy clamps to provide an extra tension on your awning fabric and limit flapping.

    • 1 year warranty.


    • Model: 200-37050, Fk156d00hm
    • Brand: Carefree
    • Barcode: FK156D00HM
    • Shipping Weight: 33.00 Kgs.
    • Shipping Dimensions: 490 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm.

    Our Comments

    The importer has advised that the awning fabric is slightly tapered to accomodate the wiring. This needs to be taken into account if you are replacing a awning with an existing annex.
    Details about wiring connections can be viewed on page 6 of the PDF manual attached.

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